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Chocolate Ancestor is an online apparel and accessories shop that brings meaning, symbolism, and self-expression into fashion. Started by a pair of sisters, Latoya Long and Shametrius Long, who are passionate about making life meaningful and bringing positivity for others, Chocolate Ancestor is a brand that communicates their values and positive viewpoints. This, along with their love for fashion comes out in the form of beautiful clothes and accessories anyone would love to wear!
Fashion that gives you a voice.

We are all about creating products that have a message to share with the world, that promote love and peace, and that educate, express, and enunciate the importance of humanity, community, and spirituality. We believe in today’s times there is so much negativity that we all need to focus on bringing more and more positivity into the world. Even someone wearing a shirt with an inspiring message can make a difference.
Fashion that empowers you to never settle for less.

Our products are all premium quality, because we know our customers are the type to never settle for less. We are here to empower you in every possible way – by allowing you to share your positive views and by giving you products that don’t let you compromise on quality.
Fashion that is comfortable – letting you be you.

At the end of the day, Chocolate Ancestor products let you be you. From love for self to various political viewpoints, educational awareness, spiritual insight, love for others, advocating of humanity, and other global topics, our diverse selection of clothes and accessories lets you express what you believe in. All our products feature witty, clever, creative, and impactful slogans, symbols and designs.
Be yourself with Chocolate Ancestor. Shop our exclusive product range today.



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