Black Liberation Flag (RBG) Shower Curtain

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Black Liberation Flag (RBG) Shower Curtain
Black Liberation Flag (RBG) Shower Curtain

Add drama to your bath décor with the elegant Chocolate Ancestor Shower Curtain. The shower curtain features an intricate Black Liberation Flag design that makes a bold statement and transforms your space.


The Black Liberation Flag, also known as the Afro-American Flag, Pan-African Flag, and the UNIA Flag, is a symbol of African and African-American unity and pride. In the 1960s this flag became a symbol of Black liberation in the United States. This design was first adopted in 1920 as the official banner of the African Race at a meeting of the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League (UNIA) held in New York City. Popularly known today as the Garvey flag, named after Marcus Garvey, it was originally known simply as the "Red-Black-Green" flag.

This flag uses what is known as the pan-African colors (red, black and green). The red represents the blood shed in the struggle for liberation. The black color represents the Black race, the green color represents the natural resources of Africa from where the Black race comes from. The flag has also been called at various times the Marcus Garvey flag, the Black Nationalist Flag, the African National Flag, the New Afrikan Liberation Flag, the African-American Flag, the Universal African flag, and the International African Flag.


Sizes 71X74", 71x94"

Material or Use Poly printed shower curtain with 12 button holes for hook placement

Care of Machine wash in cold water, use gentle cycle only.

Do not bleach.

Dry flat only.

Packaging Grey poly bag

Est. Domestic Arrival 7 days

Est. International Arrival 7 - 21 days

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